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^_^ Rules, Services, & Other Info ^_^

Please read the following rules before you leave replies. (updated 06.11.13)

First of all thank you for coming to this sales journal. Here I'll be posting things I need to get rid of or no longer have a use for. I am a huge pack rat and it's time to clean house. There are various things that will be posted here and I will do my best to give them their due categories by post.

Rules & Info
- Serious buyers only
- If I do not get a return reply within 48 hours of my email to you, your items will be back on sale.
- Please leave your e-mail with your comment, it makes it easier and quicker to contact you... but if you do not wish to leave your e-mail (I know people have their reasons), then I will reply telling you to e-mail me.

Prices: Most items are priced. Non-priced items, make an offer. All prices negotiable.

Shipping: Shipping is included in the price of items to US & Canada. Please contact if outside of country. shipping will be more expensive. All items will ship to canada via airmail and all US domestic will be shipped first class, pracel post, or media mail (depending on the item)

Payment options: Paypal (fees apply)*, US postal money orders, and well concealed cash by mail (at your own risk).

* I ask for paypal fee since the shipping price is included with the item. I have a premiere account so I am charged for all forms of tender. Fee will be configured with

~Not responsible for lost or damaged money/items*

My Contact Info
aim: komishika
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am currently not trading right now

Cosplay Comissions
* I am leaving this here for the future but I am currently not accepting any cosplay comissions becuase I have my own things to work on that HAVE to be done by Akon the last weekend in May. I will however be open to take 1-2 comissions during the month of June.

- I do a lot of cosplay and in what free time I have am willing to do costume comissions. I will only fully accept 1 (one) comission at a time (saves on confusion), though if you are needing something done for a group of same series I will accept up to and no more than 5 (five)costume comissions
- People tell me I'm cheap compared to most people, my rates vary on what you need done and how much time it will take. Once you've made your request, I will give you an estimate, the actual price may lower from that estimate but will be no higher. I work from long distance, but if you are in the Dallas Texas area let me know and we can probably save each other a lot of time and emails.
- Payment: Full payment can get pricey (depending of course), so I accept payment in installments, but do request at least enough to cover material up front.
- If I currenlty have a comission lined up you may be added in a list in order of which you request. I would appreciate even more if you are working with a larger time frame. So please if where you wish to wear your costume is less than a month away, don't ask me. This is my first time opening to comissions so I am a little new to it. That is why I'm trying to start out as easily as I can see in my brain possible. If you are interested in comissioning a costume from me e-mail at the above email address and I will back to you ASAP.
You can see my past cosplays @ &
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^_^ Status ^_^

The current status of sales and trades all here in one post... you will be taken off the list once left feedback or emailed of receiving your purchase or trade. If I do not hear from you for over a month after your item should have arrived you will be taken off the list

bluewingg116 - Ancafe sticker - payment received
pinkdog - Miyavi sticker - payment received

Cosplay Comissions
[comissions full until after A-kon]
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^_^ Feedback ^_^

Please leave feedback here if you have bought/traded with me. I look forward to doing good business with you all.

Also you can view my ebay feedback. I'm more of a buyer than a seller on ebay, but I've got over 150+ positive feedbacks on both buying and selling transactions.
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^_^ On EBAY ^_^

This thread will suffice for being links to items I have for auction on ebay. Auctioning is just easier there and I only auction items that I just don't really know what to ask for them and that I notice sometimes sell for higher prices (but I don't wanna mark it a high price here and have people call me a gouger)